Golden Retriever Lifetime Study

Update v17-1

Golden Retriever Lifetime Study Update v17-1

Understanding: Cancer Imaging Technology

When physicians and veterinarians see a sick patient, they can learn only so much from a physical…


Necropsy – what you need to know to be prepared

While no one wants to think about their beloved dog’s end of life, please discuss necropsy opti…


Understanding: Canine Osteosarcoma

Osteosarcoma is the most common primary bone tumor of dogs, with 10,000 new diagnoses each year. …


Understanding: hemangiosarcoma

Hemangiosarcoma is a cancer dreaded by all golden retriever owners and veterinarians. The adage, …


Fear Free – the next breakthrough in veterinary medicine

The next advancement in veterinary medicine will be the consideration of a pet’s emotional well…