Study Participant Resources

These resources are here to help participants with various facets of the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. Have additional questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section for answers to the most common questions. Not able to find your answer? Send us an email at

General Study Resources:

Owner’s Manual  – This manual provides a comprehensive overview of useful study information and resources, including tools to help you keep records that will be valuable for the study.

Purina Body Condition Score – Check your dog’s body condition scores using this validated scale developed by Nestle Purina.

Dermal Mass Map – Keep track of your dog’s superficial skin masses by using this handy diagram.

Biopsy Decision Tree  – Does your dog have a suspicious lump and not sure what to tell your veterinarian? This graphic will help you and your veterinarian submit the right samples and information.

Annual Study Examination Resources:

Annual Study Visit Process Diagram  – Have questions about the annual process? This graphic will help you better understand the process.

Dam and Sire History – This form assists with completing the dam and sire history section of the study questionnaire.  For second year annual examinations your veterinarian will input this information. Starting with third year annual examinations this information will be included on your owner questionnaire.

Glossary for Dam and Sire History – Refer to this glossary to help you complete the Sire and Dam Medical History.

Marketing and Media Resources:

Study Infographic – Interested in learning some fun facts about the study? Check out this year’s infographic.

Study Brochure – Want to help spread the word about Morris Animal Foundation? Learn about the study by reading our digital brochure.

Veterinarian Recognition Certificate – Customize and print out this certificate to take to your study veterinarian in order to recognize your veterinary care team for their dedication and participation in the study.

Videos and Presentations:

American Animal Hospital Association Conference 2016 – Overview & Analysis: Updates from the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study – Learn more about the study by viewing the slide presentation from Missy Simpson, DVM, PhD, Study Epidemiologist dated March 31, 2016

Golden Retriever Lifetime Study – Description of Baseline Data Presentation – Learn more about the study by viewing the slide presentation from Missy Simpson, DVM, PhD, Study Epidemiologist dated June 10, 2016

2016 Species Study Initiative Reports – Want to learn more about the other great work happening at Morris Animal Foundation? Our species and initiative reports provide a great summary.

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