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Morris Animal Foundation supports the Fear Free initiative: veterinary leaders uniting the physical and emotional well-being of animals through science and compassion.
Veterinarians participating in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study enter promotion code MAFIN50 to receive a 50% discount on course tuition.
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Why Should You Participate?

Be a Part of Veterinary Medical History

By participating, you and your Golden Retriever patients can be heroes! Help us discover why canine cancer occurs, by participating in the most important observational study ever undertaken for canine health.

More than half of Golden Retrievers die from cancer, and it is the leading cause of death in all dogs over the age of 2. By participating, you will help:

  • Identify genetic, environmental and nutritional risk factors for cancer and other major health problems in dogs
  • Learn how to better prevent, diagnose and treat cancer and other canine diseases
  • Create a brighter, healthier future for all dogs

What Is Expected of Partnering Veterinarians?

The study’s success depends on veterinarians from all over the country. You will need to

  • Perform routine annual exams for the life of each enrolled dog at your practice
  • Collect blood, urine, feces, hair and nail samples at each annual exam and send them to a designated laboratory for analysis*
  • Provide care during other health events, such as illness or injury, and collect samples for evaluation and submission to the laboratory
  • Recruit eligible Golden Retrievers to enroll in the study using the provided media kit and other resources
  • Ensure that enrolled dogs are microchipped

*Owners are responsible for all costs associated with the annual examinations, sample collection, laboratory tests and microchip. Morris Animal Foundation will reimburse owners $75 per year to help offset these costs.

Which Patients Should Veterinarians Recruit?

  • The study is now closed for dog/owner registration but we are still accepting veterinary clinic registrations