For Study Participants

A Golden Opportunity to Fight Canine Cancer Our 3,000 Golden Retrievers their owners are in the most important observational study ever undertaken for canine health.

Study Support Opportunities

Private Supporters Facebook Page

Connect to other Golden Retriever Lifetime Study participants and supporters on the closed-group Facebook page run by some of our dedicated volunteers. Click JOIN at the top of All membership requests are reviewed by a team of volunteers. This ensures those joining the group are true participants and supporters.

Not only can you share and enjoy pictures and stories, but the study team will communicate helpful information that you may need to know, such as appointment requirements and eUpdates.

Charity Miles

stella_hero-944-2Let’s earn a spot as one of the supported charities of Charity Miles, a socially-driven company connecting charities, individuals and corporate sponsors to create social change. They have created an iPhone/Android app enabling you to earn money for charity every time you walk, run, bike, skip, dance, or perform any human-powered activity — like walking your dog.

We are currently on the waiting list and need your help to boost our application. Applicants who have teams with the most active members in the app, have increased consideration for acceptance on their supported charity list.

The current challenge runs until May 31. So get started now — it’s easy.

  1. Download the free app from
  2. Click the Charity Miles logo or menu icon in the top left corner of the page. Select ‘Teams.’ Search for ‘MORRISANIMALFOUNDATION’ and click ‘Join Team.’
  3. While on your team page, click on the settings icon and share with your social network or send an email to your friends.
  4. Grab your phone and the leash and take your Golden Hero or supporter for a walk around the block.

Charity Miles will measure your distance through your phone and you will help earn money for your charity. And while we are not currently on the list of supported charities, your participation on Team #MorrisAnimalFoundation can boost our application standing AND you can earn miles for a charity of your choice – a win-win!

Charity Miles and Morris Animal Foundation’s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study are a perfect fit because #everymilematters, and #everydogmatters.

Still have questions? Learn more at

Why Are Dog Owners Participating in the Study?

More than half of Golden Retrievers develop cancer, and it is the leading cause of death in all dogs over the age of 2. Our participants will help scientists

  • We hope to identify genetic, environmental and nutritional risk factors for cancer and other major health problems in dogs
  • Findings from this study could lead to better prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other canine diseases
  • We will create a brighter, healthier future for all dogs

Who Is Participating?

  • Golden Retriever owners over 18 years of age and living in the contiguous United States
  • Golden Retrievers that are healthy and under 2 years of age at the time of application
  • Purebred Golden Retrievers that have a three-generation pedigree

What Is Expected of Our Participants?

The study’s success depends on highly committed Golden Retriever owners. Each one will

  • Participate in the study for the life of your dog
  • Complete online questionnaires regarding their dog’s diet and environment
  • Take their dog to its veterinarian for annual examinations and sample collections (blood, urine, feces, hair and toenail clippings)*
  • Microchip their dog
  • Allow collection of tumor samples for evaluation, when applicable

*The owners are responsible for veterinary costs associated with the annual examinations. Owners are encouraged to discuss study requirements and costs with their veterinarian. Morris Animal Foundation will reimburse owners $75 per year to help offset these costs.