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When a Study Dog Dies FAQS

Can you tell us why a participant died?

We cannot release personal information on deceased study dogs since this would be in direct conflict with the confidentiality agreement we’ve made with our participants. However, the owner of the deceased pet may choose to release this information publicly.

What does the study team do when they find out a participant has died?

The Golden Retriever Lifetime Study Team reaches out personally to each owner who has lost a study dog to offer condolences. Additionally, a memorial photo frame is sent to the owner to honor their dog.

What happens to the data collected on a participant once a study dog dies?

No matter what caused the death, the data collected on an individual is categorized and stored. This includes all the physical samples (such as blood samples and tissue samples) and all questionnaire results. Analysis of samples is ongoing, including samples from deceased study participants. We anticipate some samples may provide useful information to researchers years after the study is completed.

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