Veterinary Technician Continuing Education Course Outline

Brief Course Outline for “Veterinary Technician’s Guide: Understanding the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study”


  1. Study History
  2. Study Design
  3. Study data and sample collection

Study History

  1. End result of numerous conversations in veterinary field regarding need for longitudinal study to study risk factors for disease (especially cancer)
  2. Important dates in history of study

Study Design

  1. Study objectives
    1. Determine incidence of cancer in a cohort of Golden Retrievers
    2. Define relationship between risk factors and the development of specific cancers
    3. Estimate incidence and risk factors for other major diseases, health disorders or conditions in Golden Retrievers
    4. Establish extensive data vase and biological sample repositories for future analyses
  2. The Human Model
    1. Framingham heart study
    2. Results of this study
  3. Golden Retriever Lifetime Study design
    1. Explore interaction between genetics, environment, nutrition and lifestyle
    2. Identify cancer risk factors – review currently identified/suspected risk factors
    3. Explore occurrence of other diseases

Study data and sample collection

  1. Study registration process
  2. Study requirements
  3. The veterinary visit
    1. Questionnaires
    2. Sample collection

i.     Blood

    1. Hematology
    2. Chemistry
    3. DNA

ii.     Hair and nail samples

    1. Toxicology
    2. Other

iii.     Urine

iv.     Feces